Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chanel: Do not try this at home.

CURRENT BAG: Chanel Reissue in metallic black.
Where was it purchased? Hong Kong, Christmas 2007.
Where is it now? On my floor, not my brightest storage area.

- Mimco cream and gold studded couch/pouch
- Ray Ban vintage cut Wayfarers in black
- Samsung slide-y phone
- enough P1 plates to stick on about 8 cars
- oversized keychain, made up of large gold and diamonte heart with lots of little hanging gold and crystal hearts, a true trash piece
- Mimco cream bow headband
- Hong Kong travel guide
- 2 invoices from
- toothbrush and dental floss
- half a packet of Nurofen
- large amount of candy including a bag of Clouds, two Crunch bars and two packets of Extra White
- YSL Everlong mascara, Chanel lipgloss, Lucas PawPaw tube, weird organic Japanese illuminating powder compact + brush
- 13 hair ties, 46 bobby pins
- 7 train tickets

I'd like to think I treated my cheaper bags worse.

Me: tee, Tom's old and grotty Spanish bull tee.
Story: At the Old House, a winter's day with the central heating on 30 degrees. Thomas made me grilled swordfish for lunch and took photo's of me lazing in his tee which has now become adopted into my wardrobe. A standout memory from our Love Affair.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos of you :)

And my gosh, how much can you get in that bag?!
I'm currently stalking Chanel as I'm wait listed for the metallic reissue. I'm getting so impatient!

CHARLIE. said...

Thank you C x.

Haha, if I am being honest I actually cannot currently close up my bag. That's really bad to admit come to think of it :S Though they are really big and roomy.
And on top of that, it still lives on my floor (as such).

Are you excited about your Reissue? It shouldn't take too long to come in I think, less time than a Kelly bag which is my next.