Sunday, April 27, 2008

hears to a lazy summer.

"If we drive past the Freshwater sign one more time, whilst looking for Freshwater, I may kill you Michael."

I think I miss Summer more than I shall ever admit too. Granted, I don't miss the oppresive heat or getting dumped by ripples. I also do not miss the sand-in-your-undies car rides home. But I miss the lazy, sun-kissed afternoon siestas and the constant singing of tunes (way too loudly) with the windows wound down in peak hour traffic.

Nothing stands out about this particular outing, we did Freshwater, Manly and Queenscliff beach all in one day. Visited Cold Rock, Glen threw an apple core at two, very large, very intimidating men without realising. Oh, and Michael got lost underneath Sydney, drove over the Harbour Bridge unneccessarily 3 times and then losing Freshwater whilst infront of the sign.

I miss the lazy summer.

Me: Caftan, Tree of Life. Bikini, Jets by Jessica Aitken. Necklace, from India.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a nice, warm house.

"Amy! You came as Aladdin! Oh, no. You came as Mickey way!"

Peche and I now have a house as warm as Mid-March night. Too exciting if you ask me. But what is more exciting is the fact we discovered we live in the best club venue in Sydney. We live across from a drive-thru Liquor store, close to public transport, 50m from Oporto and about 100m from a Caltex. We have everything covered.

Also discovered on this balmy evening was the following: No one will follow your Disney dress code, so you will look like Duchess the cat for no reason. Andrew will convince you he is the secret-lover of your best mates mum. Brodi will steal Daisy away and try corrupt her sweet mind. Amy will lead you down the trail of alcohol abuse. Clancy will convince you to try electric blue sequinned minis again. If you crank Soulja Boy and then stick your head out of a second story window, you will know the person standing on the footpath rolling their eyes. If you plan to see the end of the fashion show at Candys, you will miss it. And finally, whatever measures you take your night will end up with you standing outside Arq whilst Amy goes in to use the toilet.

And Peche, you learn she is your better half.

Me: Leotard, Bloch. Dress, Country Road. Tights, Jonothon Aston. Flats, Zara. Bow tie, Peches drawer of magic. Hat, vintage.
Peche: Tee, vintage Mickey Mouse. Skirt, Blessd Are The Meek. Cardigan, vintage. Tight, Jonothon Aston. Brogues, Mollini.

Friday, April 18, 2008

new beginnings.

"MUM! Are you at home? Fuck! Lightening! (pause) Sorry!"

Getting FRESH @ 502 is probably my most favourite past-time minus dressing up and going to the theatre. Oh, and maybe hanging out in Kowloon and Central. But, whatever way, FRESH is up there in my list of favourite things.

These are all mini glimpses into our pre-Bandits photoshoot which was devoted to finding the perfect housewarming photo for our invites. None of the above were used in the final project but stand out as some of my favourites (pretty much due to the silly business that went down during the taking).

Me: Top, Marc by Marc J. Skirt, vintage. Tights, Leona Edmiston. Shoes, Sachi. Bag, vintage.
Peche: Dress, Zimmermann. Tights, Metalicus. Boots, vintage. Hat, vintage.