Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Soundtracked Memories.

OPENING CREDITS: Suite Bergamasque: Clair de Lune by Debussy.

AVERAGE DAY: Human After All by Daft Punk.
"We are human, after all. Much in common, after all."

HANGING OUT WITH FRIENDS: Say It Again by Scribe feat. Tyra Hammond.
"We run the game, that's right. People wanna get on down, they get down."

DRIVING: Converging In The Quiet by Crystal Stilts.

BAD DAY: Right Place, Wrong Time by Dr. John.
"I'd have said the right thing, but it must have been the wrong line."

FIGHT SCENE: 17 Deaths by Lost Valentinoes (Hey Now! remix)

MENTAL BREAKDOWN: Hummer by Foals.
"Have we come to far to get home? You sleep, as small stars fly back home."

LIFE IS OKAY: Bad Before Good by Day One.

GRADUATION: Geto Boys by Glass Candy.
"See my King all dressed in red. Betcha 5 dollars he'll kill ya dead".

PARTY SONG: The Clapping Song by The Rotters Club.

LONGING FOR LOVE: Stay Golden by Au Revoir Simone.

FIRST GLANCE OF 'THE ONE': Sweet About Me by Gabrielle Cilmi.

FIRST DATE: My Moon, My Man by Feist (Boys Noize remix).
"Take it slow, take it easy on me."

FALLING IN LOVE: Seaside by The Kooks.
"I fell in love at the seaside."

LOVE SCENE: Ballons by Foals.
"We fly ballons on this fuel called, we fly ballons on this fuel called love."

SECRET LOVE: House of Cards by Radiohead.
"I don't wanna be your friend, I just wanna be your lover. No matter how it ends, no matter how it starts."

BREAKING UP: Werewolf by Cocorosie.

LONG NIGHT ALONE: Future by Cut Copy.
"Gold is the sun, as she wonders where he's gone."

WISHING FOR YOUR LOVER BACK: For Lovers by Pete Doherty.
"We joke while the sun goes down. Watching the lovers, leaving town."

GETTING BACK TOGETHER: The Clocks by Urthboy feat. Mark Pearl.

HAPPY DANCE: As Above, So Below by The Klaxons (Justice remix).
"The dance of the cosmos shows, the stitches of space that slowly come and go."

WEDDING: No Other by Urthboy feat. Mark Pearl.

CELEBRATION: My Party by Kings Of Leon (Chad Hugo & Kenna remix).

FINDING YOUR MEANING OF LIFE: All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem.
"Then it's the memory of our betters, that are keeping us on our feet."

REFLECTING ON LOVE: Don't Fight It by The Panics.
"If you don't know what it is, if you don't know what it is."

REFLECTING ON YOUR FRIENDS: September by Earth, Wind and Fire.

DEATH SCENE: Alone In Kyoto by Air.

CLOSING CREDITS: Plug It by SebastiAn, Mr Oizo and Sebastian Tellier.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When we do it live, this is Soul.

"Come around lady, there is Jumblelove for sale."

When I was first posting about my favourite things to do, I completely forgot one of the things I find a monthly neccessity. This being a Jumbledat gig in our home town of Katoomba, near the top of the Blue Mountains. Preferably, the gigs are held at Tris Elies.

You honestly have never lived until you have seen Jumble jazz-groove-funk-soul-hiphop the dirty, dark corners of Tris Elies nightclub that is filled to capacity with underage private school students, Ancient History teachers, lost indie kids who develop a love of raw music and those who are simply 'with the band'. But then again, with J-Dat, everyone is with the band.

It's not everyday you can walk in to a nightclub and be greeted left, right and center with an amazing crew of people all there for the love of genuine music regardless of age, gender, sexuality or job occupation. My little Sazzy-Cakes from the Shire said it best: "Charlotte, we've been here 5 minutes and you've been picked up and spun around by the 2 MC's, the keys player has complimented you haircut and asked you how sleeping on his couch was, the door guy told you to not worry about paying because you brought new friends, the trumpet player asked where your sister was and half the crowd know you by nickname! This is an alternate universe!"
And it's true. This is home to me. The dank corners, the outdoor smoking triangle, the funny (and very open) bathrooms covered with their Socialist and Green paraphenalia, the rounded tables right in the front window. And everywhere is filled with the chilled grooves of 'Shadow Owls' which is followed by 'Momentus' where not a single body in the room is still, all grooving in their own individual way to the one beat.

I cannot remember a bad Jumbledat night, and I doubt I'll ever experience one. I've seen this ten-piece set grow from the days of high-school (where we forged our friendships with half the band) to this amazing, pumping unit which has brought in muscians from all different walks of life.

Careful, there is Jumblelove for Sale.

Me: Jeans, Bettina Liano 'Ace'. Singlet, C&C California. Cardigan, House of Cashmere. Head sparkles, Sportsgirl.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hi, my name is: Charlotte.

But you can call me: Lotte, Charlie or whatever your heart desires.

Never in my life have I: backed down from my beliefs.

The one person who can drive me nuts is: Hannah. But because she is my baby sister, she can run riot and still be my best friend at the end.

My high school is: one of my favourite memories.

When I’m nervous: I fidget and fuss.

The last song I listened to was: My Party (Chad Hugo & Kenna remix) by Kings Of Leon.

If I were to get married right now it would be to: a British rock-star, with a wardrobe of leather and a car built for lazy road-trips to Bath.

My hair is: cropped, blunt-fringed and mine.

When I was 4: my pony was my favourite thing.

Last Christmas: was the first time I ate three large family meals in one day.

I should be: on!

When I look down I see: the ground beneath my feet.

The happiest recent event was: learning to cook Boulliabaisse with my Mum this afternoon.

If I were a character on ‘Friends’: Phoebe, fingers crossed.

By this time next year: I should be in London, about to fly back to Sydney for my 21st!

My current gripe is: lack of funds and narrow-minded people.

I have a hard time understanding: prejudice.

There’s these girls: who make me laugh everytime I see them! And without them I would never even crack a smile.

If I won an award, the first person I would tell would be: the audience, kill a gazillion birds with one stone.

I want to buy: Sass & Bide once again - a rekindled love affair.

Where do you plan to visit: London, Bath, Tuscany and gay Paris! February, 09.

If you spent the night at my house: I'd make you a beautiful French meal, we would snack on cheese and wine then jam on my poorly tuned guitar.

The world could do without: paedophiles and homophobics. Also rapists, murders and Ebay scammers.

Most recent thing I’ve bought myself: Sass & Bide black and cream knitted slouchy tights.

Most recent thing someone else bought me: beautiful French cheese from Leura Gourmet (Mumere et Papa).

My middle name is: Emily Mary

In the morning I: wake up early, shower and drink tea.

Last night I was: at Baroque, dancing up a storm.

There’s this guy I know who: is a dead ringer for Jesus. His name is Gary and he is my best friend.

If I was an animal I’d be a: elephant.

A better name for me would be: nothing. I think it suits me to a t!

Tomorrow I am: purchasing beautiful new tableware, having afternoon tea with my Nanny and Mumere then celebrating my birthday with my beautiful friends at Hermitude.

Tonight I am: relaxing, watching Skins and eating roasted vege salad.

My birthday is: soooo much fun!

Me: Bodysuit, American Apparel. Hair, fresh from the Chinatown hairdresser.