Friday, August 15, 2008

A New Phase.

I want to be a Voguette style blogger toooooo!

I regulary peruse the style blogs created by Voguettes and seeth with jealousy at the quality of the content in blogs belonging to Babygirl, Modern Day Marilyn, Peace and Love, Rachel Girl...I want to be just like them! So, here is my first (real) attempt at posting my outfits.

Soundtrack: I'm Free by The Rolling Stones (Hot Chip remix).

I have loved this jacket since birth, my Mum has a fantastic collection of baby photo's featuring me wrapped up in all the rabbit-furry goodness with my baby sister sprawled alongside on my Grandmother's full length version. It's so beautifully made I could gush about it all day. They were originally commissioned only for the New Zealand ski team but after some convincing from G-ma they made an extra two which have now become family heirlooms.

I wore it out the other day for dinner with the girls, coupled with my Sass & Bide 'Can't Escape You' tights, definately one of my best winter purchases. I wear them everywhere and being made of a thick knitted bamboo they go as pants with a long top or look equally as cute under chunky knit dresses.

To round off the outfit I threw on a tailor made black tee shirt dress (made in Dubai, a present from a lovely friend) and my Miu Miu black patent lattice flats. Purse was a black Miu Miu coin purse and hair was messy, as usual.
Just a tip, never wear fur if you're eating vegetarian.

Me: jacket, Vintage. tights, Sass & Bide. dress, custom. accessories, Miu Miu.


Kirby said...

Gorgeous Jacket :) you look great!

Rachael said...

I love the jacket! Did someone make a comment or something?

I think rabbit fur is a different moral issue, they're such a pest here (and in NZ I think...) Good on you for having the guts to wear fur - I don't!

CHARLIE. said...

Thanks Girls :)

Rachel, it took us ages to get served, which was weird as I am a regular at this place! I realised really late into the piece it was probably my jacket so I took it off and everything went back to normal.
I felt so bad I had to apologise at the end and they said it was cool.

I only wear fur because I pre-owned it, if that makes sense. I'm a commited vegetarian but as I wear leather shoes I continue to wear leather.
Can I ask if it is a moral thing for you?

Anonymous said...

Lovely outfit - I can feel the jacket's warmth from here!

I don't wear fur either only because I don't own any and I would overheat in it.

My mum used to wear fur back in Europe. I think new fur is a no-no but pre-owned fur is somehow different? Probably because I'd like to think it was a functional item rather than vain indulgence. And I agree with Rachael, rabbit fur is slightly different because of the pest issue.

Blogette said...

I love your first style blogging post! Lovely outfit!
I was vegetarian for over 5 years (had to start to eat a bit of red meat for health issues), but wore leather shoes. I don't have a huge issue with vintage fur, mine is my great grandmothers so its been around for a long long time.

CoutureCarrie said...

great coat!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the jacket on you and how fab that it is a family heirloom?!

I'm so glad you are going to be sharing some of your beautiful outfits with us, you have gorgsous style and taste :)

CHARLIE. said...

Thank you so much everyone :) All of you are too sweet.

Miss Karen, the jacket is ridiculously warm! I think it has something to do with the immense weight.
And pre-owned fur is different, if only because we are now aware of farming practises.

Blogette, I have recently become Vego and I can't believe the changes. I am still eating fish and I feel really good. Hopefully I won't have to pick up meat again.